Let’s be honest, even those aren’t exactly scared of the dentist, just like the rest of us, don’t enjoy going to to have our teeth checked out, well perhaps those with perfectly healthy teeth. Regardless it is important that you should do all that you can to avoid going to the dentist. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t take care of my teeth and last year I went to see Peter Spennato DDS a brilliant cosmetic dentist to have some veneers fitted. You could call this a cautionary tale perhaps and many could call me a hypocrite, but as someone who didn’t care for their teeth well enough, here are some things that your dentist would want you to do differently in order to avoid having dental problems.

Brush More Often

Many of us just brush in the morning or in the morning and night, you should however be brushing your teeth morning, night and after meals. After you’ve eaten is the time when the food gets stuck in between your teeth, if left it can start to rot leaving you with bad breath and causing plaque and bacteria to attach themselves to your teeth. Remember when brushing not to brush too hard, you should be making gentle, circular strokes so as not to damage your gums.


Flossing is the perfect way to get rid of all of the food, bacteria and plaque in between your teeth, this leaves you gums and teeth nice and healthy and you should be flossing twice a day, in the morning and in the night. At first flossing may result in bleeding gums, if this happens then don’t panic, you could be flossing too rigorously or perhaps it is just that your gums aren’t yet used to it, after a week or so this will stop and you will be able to floss happily and get rid of all that rubbish in between your teeth. Floss comes in various sizes so try out different ones to find the right fit for your mouth.

Avoid Stains

There are several foods and drinks that can stain your teeth badly, red wine would be one of the worst, ensure that if you do insist on eating and drinking things like this that you brush your teeth afterwards. Whilst stained teeth don’t negatively affect the health of your mouth, they can leave you teeth to look unsightly which may dent your confidence when smiling.

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker then not only will the smoke stain your teeth but it will damage the roots of your teeth, cause great problems with your gums and lead to bad breath. The hundreds of horrible chemicals that cigarettes contain block arteries which prevents blood flow to your gums, the smoke itself eats away at the base of your teeth leading to teeth which look as though they are ready to fall out, sometimes they will fall out. If you want to avoid dental problems then stop smoking.