Simplify getting your wardrobe ready for winter with these five easy tips. Perform these tips as soon as possible to ensure that you are ready when the cold weather hits.

Go Through Your Clothes

Remove all of your clothing from your wardrobe. Designate different piles for your clothes. Have piles for charity, summer clothes and winter clothing. Carefully check each item of clothing for holes, split seams and excessive wear. Establish outfits with the clothing you have designated for winter. Be honest and realistic with yourself about how often you will really wear all of the pieces you are keeping. Make a list of what you have and what you will need to get through the cold winter months.

Winter Shoes and Boots

If you have previously purchased quality shoes and boots, you will have at least one good pair to get you started for the winter. Check to make sure your footwear is ready for another season of cold weather. The first step is to thoroughly check the soles for excessive wear. Make certain that the seams are in good repair. Quality footwear that is still stylish and comfortable is worth repairing instead of replacing. Consider having a texture added to the soles of your winter footwear. Textured soles will prevent you from slipping outside. A quality leather polish will make almost any pair of shoes look new and replenished.

Check Your Gloves

Gloves get a lot of wear and abuse each season, yet most people neglect to maintain them properly. A nice pair of gloves should last many years with proper care and maintenance. Check your gloves for needed repairs and laundering. If you have a lovely pair of leather gloves, give them a leather treatment to restore their look and to freshen them up. An important tip to remember is to allow them to dry inside out when they get wet. This lengthens the lifespan of your gloves and helps preserve the leather. A final tip about gloves is to ensure you have more than one pair. If you lose one glove during the winter, having a back up pair will guarantee that you are not left without gloves on a freezing cold day.


Remember that your handbag makes a statement about you. The latest trends or fashions regarding handbags do not need to be followed, as long as you make your own unique fashion statement. Carefully check your handbag from last winter in the same manner you checked your shoes and gloves. A little repair goes a long way to making your handbag look fresh and new. Consider draping a scarf around your bag to give it an updated feel that is easily changed whenever you desire.

Create A Go To Outfit

A go to outfit is something you can pull out of your wardrobe in the dark and know that you will look good and pulled together. Pick easy basic items in neutral tones. This outfit will take you from work to an evening out. Add a colorful scarf to add flair and style. Scarfs allow you to create a number of different looks with the same pieces of clothing.

Jenny H is a home renovator based in Brisbane, Australia. She recently helped a client organise their bedroom and prepared their wardrobe for coming into the colder winter season. Buying clothes online allowed Jenny and her client more time to make adjustments to the wardrobe.