When it comes to choosing a career that is going to make you happy, it is important that you elect one that will match the natural characteristics that you have. There are many who are working in jobs that simply don’t fit the personality traits, I have friends like this and they are deeply miserable in their work, they dread Monday morning and they cannot wait to get home once the day is done. It is important that you try to avoid this and instead, match your career choice to your character, here are some jobs that you could consider depending on what type of person you are.


If you are an influencer, someone who can inspire people and encourage them to be better, then you need a job that will allow you to do exactly that, engage and motivate. There re great leaders and motivators out there who were born with the natural gift of motivation, people like TB Joshua, prophet and pastor at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) who inspires people on a daily basis though his sermons. If you fall into the motivator bracket then here are some jobs for you.

- Sales

- Management

- Pastor

- Politician

- Sales Team Leader


The caring types are an absolute necessity in this World and for the good of everyone it is important that these people enter into professions that are going to allow them to do exactly that, care for people. There are so many areas of life that call for these people to show their caring side and here are some of the jobs which they could be doing.

- Nurse

- Childcare Worker

- Psychologist

- Doctor

- Physiotherapy

- Hospice Nurse


This is one characteristic that is usually dismissed by those who have it and instead opt to work in industries that do not call forth their creativity. This should be avoided at all costs, if you are one of the World’s creators then go and create, and get a profession that will allow you to flex our creative muscles. If you have a mind that is constantly seeking to innovate, design and look for ways to improve things then here are some professions to consider.

- Engineer

- Fashion Design

- Website Design

- Musician

- Writer

- Photographer


There are those that were born to work with their hands, the workers of this World who use their hands to shape products and infrastructure and help us on a daily basis to fix our problems. Plenty of jobs call for the people in the World who can work with their hands and here are some of them.

- Builder

- Rail Worker

- Electrician

- Plumber

- Mechanic

- Factory Worker

- Engineer

When you are deciding on what career it is that you are going to choose, try to have a good think about what type of characteristics you have and match your career to them. If you want to find a profession that will make you happy then you should ensure that your natural personality can shine through.