Oversized accessories seem to be sweeping the current fashion industry. Among the statement earrings and mineral necklaces, there are cocktail rings. Cocktail rings are designed for parties and holiday get-togethers. They are enormous, bright, and insanely unconventional.

Cocktail rings first gained popularity in the 40s and 50s when everyone was addicted to hosting and attending cocktail parties. In the 21st century, they still seem to be holding a spot on the trendiest fashion items. In January 2017, there are more than 9000 searches for cocktail rings.

 cocktail rings

So what are the trendiest cocktail rings in the market today?

  • Charlotte Chesnais

Chesnais’ collections are popular because of their fluid lines, abstract shapes, and re-design basic. When you look at her cocktail rings, you can’t help but think that they are little sculptures. The Vermeil ring, like all the other accessories in her collection, is handmade. You can wear this gold cocktail ring to any party.

  • Hermelle

Hermelle is an old family-run jewelry design business. They are known for their bold and grandiose jewelries made from innovative and high-quality materials. Their Tourmaline ring, for instance, features the great green stone which is surrounded by beads of polished gemstones. It can perfectly go with any green gown.

  • Gucci

Modern luxury fashion—that’s what Gucci is all about. And they don’t disappoint. Their faux pearl cocktail ring speaks a lot of things. It’s a reflection of romance and contemporary design. A big pearl is crowned in a leaf-like golden molding and surrounded with several other small pearls. One look at it and you’ll know it’s Gucci. So, you can confidently sport this ring and have fun at your party!

  • Messika

Messika is known for their handmade rings. Usually, they use gold, silver, or bronze as a base and add shiny-cut diamonds in the center. Their Move Jewelry collection features some of the best cocktail rings. While the rings are smaller compared to that of Hermelle or Charlotte Chesnais, they are certainly not lacking in elegance. They are symbolic of love, thus making them timeless.

  • Fernando Jorge

Fernando Jorge, a Brazilian jewelry designer, takes inspiration in his country’s sensuality and laid-back attitude. His designs are fluid and sensual. They are stunning and ultra-modern. In his Stream collection, you can find the Stream Long Ring, which makes for a perfect cocktail ring! It’s made from rose gold, lapis lazuli, and tanzanites. Wear this with a royal blue gown.

  • Atélier Swarovski

If we are talking about the luxurious and the grandeur, we can’t leave Atélier Swarovski behind. Rosie Assoulin who works for the company is known for her neo-Georgian designs. Her rings always have minimalist bands, but they feature gigantic crystals. So, her cocktail rings are bound to get any crowd’s attention.


Final Thoughts

Planning your outfit for the next party? Why don’t you consider ordering a cocktail ring to complete your look? With cocktails rings, you will undoubtedly become the center of the attention. So, check out the trendiest fashion pieces from the best brands.