Eyeglasses, because they are popularly recognized throughout the world today, have come quite a distance from their origins, when they were heavy, uncomfortable, and on occasion even dangerous to put on. However, nowadays, eye glasses are available in many types, materials, and styles, which makes them much more secure, comfortable, and stylish. Eyeglasses these days are thought of as an accessory, and individuals tend to be more and more bold in expressing themselves through their “cool” frames (eyeglasses).

World famous celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Elton John, Groucho Marx, as well as Craig Goldwater have all used eyeglasses as a major part of their self expression. United States Senator Craig Goldwater continued to put on his horn-rimmed glasses, despite becoming fitted with contact lenses because people could not identify him without his brand glasses on. British soap star Anne Kirkbride additionally became well-known for her sporty eyeglasses, and she used to always put them on for social events, as well as for international press appearances, in spite of wearing contact lenses. Comedian Drew Carey additionally continued to wear his metal eye glasses after he underwent corrective laser eye surgery in order to cure his vision problem. Here are some interesting facts about eyeglasses in public society:

  • Wide eyeglasses were very popular in the 50s and 60s, having been worn by many famous people.
  • Famous stars sporting eye glasses in recent times like Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, and Bryan Fuller have been seen sporting Horn rimmed eyeglass frames, similar to those worn in the 1970s.
  • Additional celebrities sporting eyeglasses frequently today include members of the rock band Weezer, European vocalist Anastacia, and actress Kate Winslet.
  • Metal eyeglasses, particularly the types made with expensive alloys such as titanium, are gaining popularity because they are lighter as well as more powerful when compared with others.

Which style of eyeglasses is right for you?:

There are so many other designs, styles, and types of eyeglasses that it can lead to a mental pause, where the wearer may question themselves and ask “where do I start when it comes to my eyeglass selection?” The options today tend to be endless regarding the type of glasses that may suit any individual. You may be short, tall, dark haired, light haired, etc., and you should always think about these various elements when choosing your own eyeglasses in order to enhance your style and physical features to the max.

You need not be too concerned however, because there are always good eye doctors at hand out there who will help you through the procedure for selecting, and will be experts at choosing the right style for you. They do that every day for lots of patients, and always know which eyeglasses you feel most comfortable putting on. With plenty of styles to choose from like bold appearance glasses, the retro chic look, the ‘nerd’ look,  or classy colors and patterns, you will definitely be able to find a style that suits you very well on today’s market, which is filled with many different options when it comes to eye glasses.

Jenny Ross is a content creator for Elite Eyewear Studio, a retailer of Designer Discount Sunglasses.