High heels give self-assurance to women in the workplace. In addition, heeled shoes helps women portray themselves as clever individuals; individuals who care about themselves, who feel they are important, who are not pushovers. Heels impart the stature that women require in a male dominated world.

What do the Experts Say?

Not too long ago, various experts contemplated the dubious issue of whether or not high heels made a positive image, if they were too sexy, or hurt women on the job. They concluded that stilettos were definitely a no-no and should never be worn at the workplace. However, a few felt that “all high heels” made women appear too sexy. Who knows, maybe they were jealous.

Others believe that heels may in fact benefit women in the office because in a non figurative way, they “even the playing field” with men. University studies reveal that tall individuals were paid more and are thought to be more commanding.

The question came up as to whether or not heels were too sexy for the office altogether. It was determined that neither men nor women can get away with dressing or acting explicitly sexual in the workplace. Nonetheless, many things are clandestinely or modestly sexy such as women’s legs due to their curvy outline.

How to be Sexy at work using the Right Shoes

-There is no need to start wearing matronly shoes. You can include a little bling and frills here and there in a very subtle way such as distinctions at the tip, an ankle strap, and so on. Your office shoe wear should be a mix of office etiquette along with your own personal style.

-Flats will certainly seem less professional, unless you are quite tall. For those who cannot tolerate high heels due to a bad back or feet, there is a solution. Wedge shoes with about a half-inch platform and an extra inch of heel, will seem like you are wearing heels. The definite tallness of the heel is one inch, yet with the platform, you have added height without causing further discomfort to your back and feet.

-Heels three inches in height or shorter will always appear professional with a subtle hint of sexiness unless the shoes are garish. Classic pumps are a sure winner all the way round.

-Stilettos will never work in a professional work environment. Not only do they look out of place, they can be dangerous as well. If you have ever witnessed a runway fashion show, even models have a hard time being graceful in these very high heels. Leave the stilettos for the nightclub.

-Classic black pumps, or court shoes, are a recognized stylish, modestly sexy pump all around the world. Heels as high as 2.5 inches works for the majority of women; however, that depends on their body dimensions and foot structure. Brown pumps work as well.

-Some colors are off-limits in the workplace period! Reds or yellows could be enough to get you fired. As a matter of fact, no kitschy shoe colors such as gold and silver should not be worn at the office at all.

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