Road trips are for the strong hearted especially motorcycle tours in Thailand. If Thailand is on your bucket list then, now is your opportunity to explore the country on a budget-friendly tour. The country is filled with ancient relics that inspire awe and hypnotizing beaches that will put you in a trance.

Assuredly, the places to visit are endless and you can enjoy the natural beauty that Thailand has to offer motorcycle tours in Thailand. Your aim is to have fun and fill your camera and eyes with stunning sites you would love to visit again. However, to successfully tour another country you need to understand the religion, politics and take note of other important details.

First, you have to know the best time to travel to certain areas of Thailand because of the season and other restrictions. Another thing is your passport and visa. U.S, U.K and Australian passport holders get 30 days visa for free once they arrive Thailand. Moreover, non-Indians must have:

  • A Travel or passport documents with at least 6 months validity
  • Completely filled visa form
  • A recent passport sized photograph.

On the other hand, for Indians you are required to present:

  • A valid passport with its validity not less than 6 months from your arrival date
  • An application form
  • Two color photographs with a white background taken not less than 3 month
  • A photocopy of credit card and original credit card statement for the last 6 months
  • Bank statement.

Furthermore, since you are entering Thailand overland for your motorcycle tours in Thailand, check the immigration and visa website to get information on regulations.


International Drivers Permit (IDP) will save you a lot a hassle from the police or political groups and makes it easy to rent a motorcycle. For Indians, your driver’s license will cover you in Thailand so far it is still valid. But, its advised you get an International Drivers Permit to avoid any cop harassing you.

On your motorcycle tours in Thailand, you will pass a lot of police checkpoints. Thanks to foreigners (farangs) who ride without wearing their International license or helmet Thailand cops make a few Bahts daily. The fines are not much (400-100 TBH) but, you can avoid them with an IDP from your country. Mind you an IDP for your car will not cover you when riding a motorcycle.


First, Thailand drives on the left side of the road and their roads are very dangerous to ride on. So, the best time for motorcycle tours in Thailand is between November and February.

Bike permits

Unless you are relocating to Thailand, there is no need to cross into Thailand on a bike or import your own bike. Surely, there are quality bikes in Thailand you can hire for a reasonable price. To ensure the bike for your motorcycle tours in Thailand, you must have a valid motorcycle license and insurance in order to be covered.

Thailand police are very corrupt and you will be doing yourself a huge favor by getting all your papers before traveling to Thailand.