In today’s environment where the technology is in reach of every generation the reach of media is easy and influential. New generations do not look for inspirations in books and role models but in the heavy invested made movies and serials connected to the knowledge of young generations. Children in this part are most influenced by media. As children are attracted by colors and a character that is why almost in every product made for children is sold on the basis of what’s in and what’s out in media. Young generation is very choosy in terms of clothing and other products making the sales of these products go higher and higher.

Media coverage through clothing

Another way of clothing attraction is that now a days kid are attracted by the characters and names printed on the cloths that make them feel related to their favorite colors, characters or games. That is why now such media products are using clothing and foot wear as tools to market their shows and games and to promote the product among children. Using these methods channels is able to capture attention of a large number of audiences. On the release of a new movie or a new game such products are showered into the market that are loved and admired by the young generation. Media uses clothing as a profit earning tool along with the release and success of the media products.

Seasonal wear

Seasonal wear change with the in’s and out’s. Kids are inspired by characters and look for similar wear as their favorite character wore in the seasons. Even the colors are chosen by kids according to their favorite celebrity and shows on air. Children like cartoons and fairy tales movies mostly animated characters are found on high ranking in the favorite of children around the world. This works as an effective market tools as few sold shirts create hype in the potential buyers eventually taking the sales level to a higher one.

Sports Influence on Kids wear

Other than movies and cartoons kids favorite sports are also printed on shirts and jackets in different seasons. These printed shirts are often signed by the players. These signed shirts are loved by kids especially during world football championship and other favorite sports tournaments.

New Kids brands being introduced

Kids love to wear designed cloths. There are more and more kids brands making up to the surface to fulfill the desired imaginative needs of their potential young buyers. For example Gangnam style clothing is catching attention and is in demand. These buyers look for designer clothing inspired by media and games. Some of eth brands even provide services of designer clothing made on customized needs including size colors and printing. There are few brands offering special printing services on kids wear.

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