So many misconceptions appear when talking about botox treatments. People from all around the world believe the wrong things because of the way in which the media portrayed procedures that use this substance. The truth is that we have many major botox treatment benefits that appear. They should be known by people as you never actually know when you can take advantage of a procedure that would make you look younger in a really short period of time.

More Than A Beauty Treatment

When talking about botox treatments in San Jose, CA, most people know that the treatments are used to tighten skin and reduce aging signs. We are faced with injections but this is no mystery. What is not actually understood is that botox is so much more than just beauty treatment. As years passed, we found many different uses for this substance. For instance, it has been proven that botox is highly effective at dealing with migraines in many situations.

Reduced Perspiration Or Sweat

That is something that you were surely not aware of till now. You can use botox treatment in order to reduce perspiration. If you are prone to this, especially on the face, the injections will reduce sweating. That is something that is actually recommended for the women that are faced with menopause and suffer from the hot flushes. Make up will no longer run and the injection is safe.

Reduced Urinary Tract Infections

This was proven by various scientific studies done till now. If you are prone to urinary tract infections and you get botox treatment you will notice that there is a drastic reduction in the infections that appear. However, such a treatment is only recommended in some specific situations. It is really important to go to the doctor and know the cause of the urinary tract infections that appear. That is especially the case when the infections appear on daily basis.

Since we are talking about this topic, we should highlight a connected advantage. If your prostate is enlarged, you may want to look at botox treatment as something that can help. The treatment was proven to reduce prostate size. The reduction is not just minor. It is actually considerable.

Arthritic Pain Reduction

Brand new research highlighted the connection between botox treatment and reduced arthritic pain. It was seen that the patients undergoing treatment ended up with a global movement improvement. Arthritis patients basically end up functioning a lot better because of the fact that all the pain that they experience is reduced. Movement is also increased so the quality of life becomes a lot higher.


One of the really important things that have to be understood about botox in general is that you should not have misconceptions. The only people that can tell you the truth about these treatments are the doctors that have been performing treatment procedures with the use of botox for a really long time now. Always consult a specialist so you can be sure that the best information is offered for you.