Women who are under 5’4″ usually need to find petite size clothing so they can own the best fitting, best cut and most attractive clothes. To be taken seriously in business situations, it’s so important to find beautiful, businesslike clothing to wear to work. This helps a woman to make the best impression possible. Many times short, petite women have trouble finding attractive, well designed petite clothing.

It can be challenging to find great petite clothes, but it’s not impossible. Searching for shops that specialize in petite only clothing is a great place to start. Petite exclusive shops that stock petite women’s clothing, originally modelled by petite models, provide a wonderful resource for finding great looking petite clothing.

Reasons Petite Women Need Specially Designed Clothing

Women who are petite in height have a different body type than an average size woman. Often, they have a smaller frame and narrower shoulders. They also usually have something known as a shorter back waist length. The back waist length is found by measuring from the bone at the back of the neck to the waist.
Petite women will generally have a shorter torso, making special sizes necessary if clothing is to fit its best. If a petite woman tries on a regular misses size top or dress, she might find that there is a pouch in the front of extra material, or possibly a puff in the back of the top or dress. This extra material is there because bodices for shirts and dresses for misses sized women are cut differently than they are for petite women.
The bodice in an outfit designed for misses will normally have a longer back waist length measurement. For petite women, this measurement will be shorter so the garment fits better. Finding garments that fit right make a woman feel great no matter what size she is. If petite sizes fit better, it’s always wise to go with petite size women’s clothes.

Women Have All Different Body Shapes

The fact that all women have different body shapes also applies to women who need petite size clothing. This makes finding great clothes a challenge. If a woman starts with a good shop that specializes in petite clothing, she will usually have good luck finding something perfect. Petite size women have body shapes ranging from pear to rectangular, to more rounded shapes.
Petite size clothing normally comes in sizes from US 2 to US 10. For women in the UK, the sizes are usually 6 to 14. Even within petite sizes, a woman may find she needs a petite size top and regular pants, or a regular top and petite pants. Knowing what sizes are needed helps make good decisions easier.
All women, regardless of size, wish to dress in beautiful, classy, chic clothes that make them look great. There is no reason that a woman of any size should be limited to dull, monotonous colors like black, brown and navy. Beautifully colored clothes make any woman feel spectacular.