Diamond rings are generally made with some diamonds and precious metals like gold and platinum. Gold is used in jewelries in a lot of ways and could be used in a variety of colors too. Gold may be used with diamond rings as white, yellow, green and rose gold. Pure gold is too soft for making jewelry hence it is typically mixed with some other metal alloys.

Gold Diamond Ring

Pure gold is also yellow in colour, when mixed with silver however, the gold colour changes to green. Gold mixed with some white metal like nickel or palladium is called white gold, while copper and gold becomes rose gold. Gold is measured in karats (K), 24K is pure gold, while 14K of gold (for example) is a mixture of 14 parts of gold and 10 parts of some other metal alloy. The more the karat of gold in a ring, the more valuable it will be.

The value of a diamond gemstone is determined by its colour, cut, clarity and carat, the cut refer to how the gemstone is shaped, the clarity how flawless it is, while the carat refers to its weight. The more flawless or the bigger a diamond gemstone is, the more expensive and valuable it would be. Diamond gemstone colours include colourless, blue, brown, pink, red, black and yellow.

Gold diamond rings may be purchased as a gift or could be worn by a jewelry user. Colourless diamond gold rings will match most outfits while those with some coloured diamonds may only match a limited number of outfits/attires. Diamond is the birthstone for the month of April hence it may be presented as a gold diamond ring for a birthday or an anniversary.

Jewelry users may buy their gold diamond rings as ready-made rings in a jewelry store such as Prestige Diamonds, or they could opt to create some custom gold diamond rings instead. Some people may be allergic to the nickel or copper in white or rose gold, hence they may either have to choose a white gold ring that uses a non-allergenic metal alloy like palladium or some other type of coloured gold ring.