The fashion house of Gucci has long been famous for its stylish designs, beautifully made clothes and superb accessories. Most years there is at least one ‘must have’ Gucci handbag that all the best dressed celebrities are proud to carry on their shoulders and the same is true for the sunglasses that Gucci make for women. Each year they bring out several new designs that are simply gorgeous and quickly become a best seller. If you are considering making the investment ready for this summer season, read on for a list of the top 5 sunglasses Gucci make for women.


1. The Cuir Gold sunglasses are rectangular in shape with a unique diamond texture effect that is picked out in contrasting colour at the bottom of the frames and along the ear stem. The frame itself is composed of different shades a single main colour, of which there are several options, and the lenses are coordinated perfectly with a two tone effect.

2. If you are looking for sunglasses Gucci (did you know in Denmark we call them solbriller gucci) make for women that are a little different and quirky then check out the Havana range. The plastic frames are lightweight and enclose square shaped lenses. The front of the frame is finished in a tortoiseshell effect and the ear stems are finished in a turquoise colour that is picked up in the colour of the lenses. These do have different colour options but of all of those that are available, these get my vote.

3. Next we have the Butterfly range of sunglasses that Gucci make for women and these really are something that little bit special. The frame is very thin and lightweight and the lenses come in a variety of warm and unusual colours. Each pair of sunglasses also has a delicate filigree butterfly placed at the top hand corner of one of the lenses, with the trademark G discretely located on the ear stem. These sunglasses are simply beautiful.

4. Oversized sunglasses have long been the choice of the fashion conscious and this season will be no different. Gucci have created a range of oversized glasses called the Marina which feature oval frames with a simple metal band holding the lenses in place. The ear stems are the big design detail on these sunglasses though with the small metal hinge leading to a connecting bead design to add a unique aspect to the overall design.

5. Finally for those that want to use their sunglasses to really make a statement then how about the Fashion Show range. They are inspired by the fashion of the 1970s and feature circular frames and lenses in a solid colour. They also have a high brow bar that is created in a contrasting metal and the ear stems feature the Gucci logo as standard. This is one range of sunglasses that Gucci make for women that will definitely not be to everyone’s taste. However, if you love to make an impact and are not afraid to be a little different then these sunglasses may well be the perfect choice for you.