If you work in an office and are bound to your desk all day, snacking is inevitable. However, what you snack on may not only be detrimental to your focus and motivation, but also to your health.

Check out our top tips for office snacking and what you should avoid in order to stay happy and healthy at work.

Do eat: Fresh Fruit

Snacking mindlessly on sugary and salty snacks can lead to you feeling tired and sluggish, decreasing your productivity.

Instead, opt for nutritious snacks such as fruit that can help boost your energy levels. It’s easy to get fruit into the office everyday, as Fruitful Office delivers fresh office fruit straight to your workplace. With an abundance of important vitamins and minerals, you can get the boost you need at work without sacrificing your health.

You can also consider dried fruit as a great way of snacking healthily while still enjoying something chewy. Often we simply crave the way a certain food feels when we bite into it, so dried fruit such as raisins can be really satisfying.

Avoid: Diet soda

Diet soda may seem like a good alternative to full fat, but it really isn’t. The chemicals and artificial sweeteners in diet drinks may not be adding extra calories, but they are not doing you any good either, instead leaving you dehydrated and can even stimulate your appetite.

If plain old water is just too boring, try adding some fruit to it such as strawberries, blueberries or lemon and lime to make it more interesting to drink while still staying healthy! However, you should avoid fruit juices as they are often high in added sugar.

Do eat: Yoghurt

Natural yoghurts are fantastic for your digestive health, ensuring that your body functions the way it should. Why not add some of your delicious fresh fruit in there to make a great, healthy workplace snack? The good bacterium in natural yoghurt ensures that you stay healthy and can help boost your immunity while keeping you alert and motivated at the office.

Avoid: Microwaveable popcorn

It’s so easy that it’s a regular snack in the workplace, but don’t be fooled –microwave popcorn is not a healthy snack. With artificial flavours that can be harmful to your health, alongside trans fats and other nasty ingredients, it is best to avoid microwave popcorn altogether and opt for healthier homemade popcorn that you air pop yourself if you really want some.

Try out these tips for smart snacking at work and see the difference for yourself.