Engineering is a fantastic profession to get into, engineers are the creators of this World, everything man-made that you see around you has been planned, designed and constructed by some of the World’s finest engineers. Engineers are responsible for more than just bridges, buildings and cars, they create new medicines through chemical fusion, they create the software that we use in our daily lives and they mastermind the cutting edge technology that takes man to space. A career in engineering is rewarding, both professionally and financially and if this is the sort of career that you would like to dedicate your life to then here is how you will need to go about it.

What Type of Person Makes an Engineer?

In order to have the right skill set to become an engineer, regardless of which branch it is that you wish to go in to then you are going to need to be creatively minded. The best engineers, those like Anura Leslie Perera who became an expert in many branches of engineering before launching his own successful aerospace engineering firm, have the type of brain that always looks to shape, innovate and improve things, this is the type of thinking that you will need to have. Dedication is another factor in the character of an engineer, you will be working on large scale projects with tight deadlines and you must be committed to success.

What Education You Will Need?

High grades in all the sciences and math are the absolute basics for studying engineering, these two branches of education form key parts of every type of engineering and without them you will struggle to find a career. Following on from high school you will need to study engineering at a college and in the second year you will look to specialize in a particular area of engineering. To support your studies it will help if you have decided on a field of engineering to go in to, this way you can be studying things like computer science, pure math, construction or aerospace from a high school level to aid you further down the line.

What Else Can You do to Help?

Engineering is a very popular area of study and it is important that you do all that you can to enhance your chances of getting a job when you have graduated. In order to stand out from the competition you should be looking at getting involved in as many projects as possible during your free time. Self projects are great but if you can get involved with something professional by way of an summer internship then this will make you look very attractive to prospective employers and gain you vital experience that you can use later in your career. At this early stage in your education it will do you well to ask as many questions as possible to those in the know, the key is to become an expert in your chosen field and by picking the brains of the most experienced in the industry you will learn an incredible amount that will help you in your career.