Like mobile phones, tattoos have also undergone phenomenal changes with technological advancement. 3D tattoo is the new big thing in tattoos. People are crazy about 3D tattoos since they have a fantastic visual appeal and give a realistic touch. 

How 3D tattoos are different from traditional tattoos

There is a vast difference between traditional tattoos and 3D tattoos. The main difference is that 3D tattoos give a new mind blowing realistic look to the design you have chosen. Traditional tattoos can’t give you that look. And, this is exactly why people from various sections of the society love 3D tattoos so much. But remember, the final result depends upon the skill and practice of the tattoo artist. 

3D tattoos grab the attention of anyone very easily. They have a great attraction value. You can have a 3D tattoo on your back, waist, legs, hands, chest, neck, shoulder, etc. Some 3D tattoos are beautiful where as others are simply scary owing to the creepy design you have chosen. 

3 Tricks to get a great 3D tattoo

Here are the 3 tricks that can help you get attractive 3D tattoos.

1.     Design: Right design can make your 3D tattoo the talk of the town. And a wrong design can make it a disaster. So, always choose a design that you can carry with confidence. 

Butterflies, dove, dragon, stars, moon, ribbons, flowers, sun, arrows, angel, owl, trees, wings, etc. are some of the most common 3D tattoo designs. Comic characters also look great such as Mickey Mouse, Spiderman, Barbie and Superman. Correct colour combinations and shadows give a realistic impact to the 3D tattoo.

The most popular 3d tattoo design is that of a Spiderman. It is quite popular amongst young boys and girls. Dragon tattoo is also quite popular since it has an amazing appeal. Other well-known designs are maps, monsters and skulls. 

2.    Artist: 3D tattoos are so popular because of their realistic appeal and only a skilled artist can give you that effect. The artist has to pay a lot of attention to the minute details of the tattoo. A small mistake can ruin your tattoo and a minute point can enhance the final look of the 3D tattoo. Correct shading also plays a big part. So, always do a bit research and choose the artist carefully.

3.    Placement: Right placement of the 3d tattoo is extremely important. If you want to have a big tattoo, then get inked on your back, stomach, thighs, legs, chest, shoulder, sleeve, etc. If you want to have a small 3D tattoo with a delicate design, then choose small areas like spine, neck, wrist, fingers, etc.



Tattoo is a popular form of body adornment for the Gen Y. If you want to gift something cool to your boyfriend or girlfriend or best friend, then take him or her to a 3D tattoo artist. Let him or her choose a beautiful design. Once the beautiful design would be inked on his or her body, pay the money to the tattoo artist. I can assure you that your heart will melt when he or she smiles back at you after watching the finished product. You will secure a permanent place in his or her heart.