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Bag is one of the most important fashion accessories for women without which the fashion remains incomplete. Apart from that, fashion bags are also an essential item for women to carry wherever they go. Women love buying variety of bags which they can take along with them in every occasion whether it is office or parties. But whilst buying bags a woman should be careful of the bag she is buying. They should know the type of bags which will go perfectly with their figures. Parameters like colours, designs, length and type of bags should be taken into consideration whilst purchasing bags. Following are the few tips which should be kept in mind whilst buying bags for women who are not much tall:

The first thing that one needs to consider is the shape of the bag.  According to the fashion experts, it is said that a short height woman should always choose bags which are exactly opposite to their figure or body type. If we take the example of a healthy woman it is suggested that she can use a good looking angular purse and the woman who has a rectangular shaped figure can opt for a round shaped slouchy purse. These types of bags can perfectly compliment the shape and the structure of their body; otherwise it can be a fashion debacle.

Considering the sizes of the bags is the second most important thing for the buyers who are spending a lot in buying a fashionable bag. There are many women who prefer bags which just do not go with their appearance. Sometimes these people, in spite of having petite figure, opt for huge bags which instead of complementing her figure, looks really bad on them. These are a few things which should be avoided whilst buying designer bags.  These women who have the perfect figure should always go for small to medium sized bags. Those who are not much tall should buy small bags; otherwise it will look like they are struggling with their bags in parties or in offices. On the contrary, a plus sized woman should always go for big bags which will look perfect on her, particularly in the day time. It will help her to guard her figure to some extent. But in the evening, whilst attending a party or gathering, she can take a comparatively smaller bag that comes in medium size. That is expected to look good on her.

Though a number of women are quite oblivious to this fact but this is probably the most important fact to consider. Most of all women love to have a wide collection of bags in their wardrobe. They love to get bags as gifts and often they buy bags from various stores or from Gerard Darel collection. But there are few who exactly knows what type of bag should be carried for a particular occasion. One cannot take a designer clutch bag to office or cannot attend parties carrying the bags she usually takes to her office. The women should get familiar with the usage of the bags first before flaunting them all around.


Summary: The short women should be careful whilst buying bags. They can purchase bags from popular brands like Gerard Darel collection that offers bags for every woman irrespective of their figures and body structures.