Working in social media and now starting my own blog means that I’ve got to stay on top of the trends and “current affair” and what’s happening in the media, near and far.

One of the things that never go unnoticed is a baby boom, and we’re definitely having one this year. One of the things that is of particular interest to both reporters and readers like is celebrity fashion, or more so pregnant celebrity fashion, which is partly down to the utterly fabulous fashion that’s being designed and produced for pregnant women.

Oversized shirts and leggings as a maternity uniform are a thing of the past; chic and glamorous fashion is now as readily available as non-maternity wear.

Celebrities are regularly showing off their famous baby bumps in high fashion designer dresses on the streets and on the red carpet, meaning pregnancy style is hotter than ever.


One particularly hot celeb with a bump is Kim Kardashian, who is expecting her first child with partner, Kanye West. She’s still rocking her trademark body con dresses, only now she gets to show off a whole new curve in the figure-hugging dresses she’s known for.

Reports have said that she’s self-conscious of her changing body, but she still looks as fabulous as ever!


Penelope Cruz also announced recently that herself and husband Javier Bardem are expecting their second child together, due at some point this year.



Of course no celebrity pregnancy is bigger news right now than the royal baby. Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first child in July of this year, following their royal wedding two years ago.

The couple have the eyes of the world upon them as everyone is waiting for the newest member of the royal family, and possible future king or queen of the United Kingdom.

Kate hasn’t been snapped too many times since her pregnancy, but when she has been seen she’s been sticking to her classy, timeless style of knee length dresses and muted laces.

Simply gorgeous!