Crop tops have been everywhere this season, from the online shopping sites to fashion runways to the city streets from the pop stars in Bollywood to the socialites in your city. This trend is very springy and when done the right way, crop tops can be sexy, chic and also sophisticated all at the same time. But it can also be a tricky style to pull off! If hearing the name of a crop top forms scary images in your mind of the tummy flaunting ‘90s pop stars, don’t worry, you are not alone! True that it is not the easiest to style and it takes a bit of your guts to not over think and go for this daring fashion sense. But honestly pulling off a crop top need not necessarily have to be that intimidating! A crop top doesn’t always mean a flaunting bellybutton. There are loads of ways to style a crop top which let you show only a demure hint of your skin.







Does the thought of wearing a crop top scare the skin out of you? I can totally relate to this feeling because like you, once upon a time, I also used to think in the same lines. I used to think whether I shall ever be able to carry off a crop top look in my life. And bbelieve it or not, like you and me there are still many people who are intimidated by the thought of crop tops, in spite of the fact that they have been a prevailing trend for quite some time now. Thankfully there are many women that we do get to see, women of varying sizes and shapes who have dared to wear crop tops! Seeing how well these ladies have sported the style, we can derive conviction to allow some space in our closet for this trend — that is, if you have not already convinced yourself to sport it. When it comes to wearing these cropped tops, people often need a little boosting up.



Fashionistas who say that we ought to have a toned and flat midriff to wear these super short tops have been proved wrong by many style experts out there. Whether it is for one special occasion or whether you want to make them a part of you daily, experts have shown that there is actually no way to sport this look which can be called ‘wrong’. People will comment and haters will keep hating but don’t let your personal sense of style suffer for them! We the modern women are bold enough to flaunt the trend, and encourage others to do so as well. Crop tops are going nowhere anytime soon, they are here to stay, so jump right in by keeping an open mind and get ready to experiment.

Like dresses for girls which are all available all over the Internet in all the online shopping sites and in all their avatars, the same goes with the cropped tops – you only need to look around. The good news is that the current trend of crop tops is slightly bit covered up than before. So we can expect a more sophisticated look from them now. With the influence of western culture, we are now way past that time when we had to dress up in our typical traditional style. We now have readily and happily accepted the western style of dressing which offers not only comfort but also convenience and blends in well with the modern lifestyle. We have taken to wearing trousers and skirts and dresses for girls. The women of India, modern as we are, we are too much in love with western fashion for girls. Like dresses for girls, crop tops are also very much in vogue now and rapidly gaining popularity by breaking all barriers. Styled with little thought, they can be equally suitable for wearing them to a party and even to work, baring least to no skin at all. They can also go very well for casual hangouts with friends. Crop tops are in a similar league like dresses for girls; they are also a direct effect of the influence that the western countries have had on us.

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