Millions of people around the world play their versions of the National Lottery on a weekly basis – even a bi-weekly or daily basis in some cases – and everyone has their own way of doing things. They either play online or via their mobile apps, maybe they prefer the traditional way of going into a shop and buying a ticket and manually marking off the numbers (which of course has its own routines and superstitions).


However you choose to play the Lottery, or Lotto as it’s known in the UK for example (it has all kinds of names depending on where you live), which recently celebrated its 20th birthday – time that, if you’ve been playing from the start either on the site itself, in store or paying attention through a site like which keeps you updated with the latest draw news, has flown by!


Some of those people who play religiously choose the same numbers week after week, feeling that the one time they change their numbers, their normal selection would come out of the machine and they would’ve won the jackpot. Others take the approach that certain numbers they keep choosing have been unlucky so far, and maybe a random selection from the ticket machine might be the way to go, leaving it all in the mechanical hands of the operators.


Over the past twenty years of the Lottery (aka Lotto), the organisers have collected A LOT of data about the most frequently drawn numbers and those that have come out infrequently, and they’ve released what they believe to be the most popular selection according to the number of times they’ve been drawn since 1994. Camelot, the organisers of the UK edition, say that the seven most frequently drawn numbers (including the bonus ball), are 23, 25, 31, 33, 38, 43 and 44 (the most popular of which being 38, having been drawn 258 times at the time of writing this article).


Of course, the probability of all seven coming out at the same time are very slim but if you’re the kind of person looking for a bit of luck along the way it’s got to be worth throwing a few of these into your next selection. Some will still believe that their own selections and methods will work for them eventually, others will read this article and think differently about their approach. Whichever category you fall into, you need to remember that there is no guaranteed way of winning – it is a lottery after all. Yes, you have to be in it to win it, but nobody (unfortunately) has a divine right to win it whether you’ve taken part in every single draw for the past twenty years, or you’re thinking about giving it a go for the first time this week.