Saree is the ultimate feminine clothes in the world that suits every woman whether she is an Indian or a non Indian, whether she is fat or slim, tall or short. Once a woman wears a saree, a sense of dignity, elegance, and above all femininity covers her. This is probably one of the most important reasons why most women prefer wearing sarees in every occasion particularly if the occasion is related to their culture and tradition. Most of all Indian sarees come with lots of colors and designs.                                                               32

Wide price range and categories of sarees are available in India. The designers who designs sarees for women design them so that they can be fitted for all women belong to the different age groups. The women wearing sarees on their wedding days specially look heavenly. Apart from that it is a golden opportunity for you to exhibit and add glamour to your wardrobe by including an exclusive piece of designer saree.

Creativity and innovations in designing sarees: Saree is probably the best piece of clothes that provide the designers with the greatest opportunity to experiment with the colors and the designs and even with the materials as well. The designers design different types of sarees keeping in mind the different ages of the women. The saree is probably the oldest clothes which is equally popular till date amongst the women residing in India or outside. This piece of clothes has gone through many changes and modifications and had to face tough competitions from a number of apparels that have introduced to the market. But every time saree emerges as the winner. Making a designer saree is in many ways similar to develop a piece of an art by an artist. Designers are also artists who display their creativity on the piece of clothes and which are appreciated by the entire world.

Renowned saree designers to watch out for: Though while designing a saree every Indian people can be a designer. In the rural areas like Bengal, Gujarat or in Rajasthan the local women woven and design sarees in such a manner that it can easily compete with expensive sarees prepared by the famous designers. But still we cannot forget those famous designers who have made the Indian sarees the most famous item in the world. Designers like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, Neeta Lula, Tarun Tahilani, Manish Malhotra, Ritu Kumar, Nikhil-Shantanu have changed the face of the sarees. They are constantly experimenting with sarees always try to make it famous amongst the youngsters who are these days getting influenced by the western cultures and styles. We should be grateful to this young brigade as they are trying hard to make our tradition and culture famous in the world.

While choosing sarees for wedding the women specially the bride should also go for the traditional yet designer one. As the wedding usually comes once in a life therefore it is suggested that they should not compromise with their choice or the price or the quality of the sarees. The designs of the sarees get different in the Indian wedding depending on the cultural difference. A Bengali bride usually wears banarasi saree on her wedding day whereas a Tamil bride may wear kanjivaram as per her tradition. These types of differences sometimes add extra meaning to the sarees.