The movie industry tends to move along in phases. In other words, when something works well, all of the big distributors attempt to follow suit – and who can blame them.

In relation to 2016, there is one genre which is by far and away the big winner. This comes in the form of superheroes and in comparison to other years, it’s incredible to see how so many movies have taken on this trend. David Berkowitz Chicago, as well as other renowned columnists for that matter, has written about it on countless occasions – there really only is one contender when it comes to genres this year.

Furthermore, it’s not over yet. There are several other superhero movies penned in before the end of the year, but now let’s switch our attention to those movies in this genre that have been released and have performed well.

Captain America: Civil War

We mention finances a lot through this piece and we’ll start with one movie that blitzed the competition in this regard. With box office takings of over $1.15 billion, Captain America: Civil War certainly boosted Disney’s balance sheet.

However, a special point should be made about the critical ratings of this movie. A lot of the superhero movies we look at have struggled to fulfil expectations, but the same cannot be said of Captain America which secured a 90% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

You’ll probably notice something of a trend through this page; all superhero movies seem to make huge amounts of money at the box office. This could be one of the reasons why distributors are so keen to release them and in the case of Batman v Superman, this was one of the most successful of the year after taking $872m.

The fact that this movie brought in two completely separate characters was always going to spark interest, especially as it was a follow-up to Man of Steel from 2013. With a big cast, few were surprised when it set box office records on the opening weekend.

Suicide Squad

One of the more recent superhero movies, there was plenty of anticipation ahead of the release of Suicide Squad.

However, this is one movie that has performed poorly based on critical reviews. Rotten Tomatoes handed it just 26%, although box office takings of more than $700m will have been sure to keep Warner Bros satisfied.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Last on our list is a series which has enjoyed countless successes on the back of the hugely popular comic books. The fact it is the ninth installment in the whole series speaks volumes about just how well X-Men have performed and suffice to say, this version wasn’t any different.

Released in May 2016, the movie had a budget of $178m and absolutely smashed this with its takings having accumulated $543m at the box office. However, while it may have performed well financially, some have suggested that it didn’t quite make the impression that previous versions have made after scoring just 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. Nevertheless, in comparison to the previous movie we looked at, this isn’t actually a terrible score for the superheroes genre!