Being stressed is something that happens to many of us, it could be as a result of our work or our private lives and it can have grave consequences if not dealt with. A little bit of stress is normal, an entirely stress-free life is not possible, it is more about how you deal with the stress and use it to your advantage. If you have a great deal of stress in your life then it can affect your mood, your energy levels, your memory and ultimately your performance in various aspects of life.

If you feel that you are not on top of your stress levels then here are some tips to do so.

Improve Your Body

The body and mind are closely linked and it is near impossible to have one of them healthy and the other not, the first step to beating stress is to ensure that you have a healthy body. Look at your routine and see where you can change things, look at changing your diet and how much you exercise if you are overweight. You could also look into surgery to lose the pounds, I recently had some laser liposuction at a great clinic and lost fat instantly which made me feel great about myself, check out Sono Bello reviews to see others who’ve done the same. Make sure that your drinking enough water and avoiding junk food for a healthy body, you will find that once your body is right, your mind will follow.


Very often we feel stressed when things are out of our control, that feeling of things mounting up on you can be avoided with strong planning and organization. There will always be things that happen both in our work lives and our private lives that can’t be planned for, you can deal with these things better however, if the things that you can plan for have already been factored in. Consider buying a diary or an application on your smartphone to better organize your life.


The mind needs time to relax, time to process all of the information that it receives and time to arrange your thoughts, meditation is the perfect way to do this and it will significantly improve your ability to deal with stress. You only need 15 or 20 minutes per day to sit down in a quiet place, practice some deep breathing exercises and clear out your mind. You will find that after just a few days of doing this that you will feel more relaxed mentally and less stressed.

Cut Things Out

Some stresses can’t be avoided such as problems in your job, many things however can be avoided and if they are causing you to be stressed then you should look at cutting them out of your life. If you have a busy schedule that leaves you with no time then look at where you can minimize your activities, giving up a hobby or trip may be tough but if it leaves you less stressed and more relaxed in the rest of your life then it will be absolutely worth it.