A carefully chosen fashion accessory has the power to complete an outfit, whilst showcasing your own mood and personality. Naturally all accessories come in many colours, styles, shapes and sizes. Therefore, each different accessory (contrasted or combined with a number of different outfits) will change your appearance considerably. Good choices can bring your true style to life, making your old outfits seem new, exciting and trendy. However poorly chosen combinations can make you look confused, desperate or simply out of place. By following some of these simple guidelines though, you can set about selecting the right accessories to compliment your outfit, personality and individual style.




Far from being merely a throwaway fashion accessory, sunglasses are absolutely essential. Not only do they add a degree of mystique, even charisma, to your overall appearance, but they serve a very practical purpose too: they shield your eyes from the sun on those bright summer days and give you a certain degree of anonymity and comfort for those mornings when you might be feeling just a little bit worse for wear. But selecting the right pair of sunglasses to suit your face is no easy task. Even if you find some that fit well and look nice to you, do they actually suit you? Selecting new  sunglasses is all about finding a pair that match the shape of your face. After a while of trying on different shapes, it soon becomes pretty apparent which styles suit which face types, and which styles definitely do not. For example, square faces with a small forehead and strong jawline should always pick circular frames for a more balanced look. If you have wide cheekbones and a narrow chin, classic aviator sunglasses like the ones from Shades of Time will probably suit you best. Those with oval-shaped faces are lucky: pretty much every style of sunglasses will suit them!




Though less practical than sunglasses, bracelets are for some an essential fashion accessory. They enable you incorporate a variety of different trends, to mix and match different elements of your wardrobe, and for very little cost. You can give your look an exotic touch by wearing a selection of tribal bracelets. Or if you are feeling fun and bubbly, less expensive colourful bracelets can be used to bring this out. Whatever you do though, you must understand the art of stacking bracelets. It’s quite simple in truth: use two larger pieces to anchor the look you want to achieve, then use smaller bracelets in between as the centrepiece.