Vintage glamour is one of the most popular wedding themes of all time. All at once it is simple striking, classic and trendy. There is something magical about borrowing styles from bygone eras and giving them a new, modern twist. If you want to know how to pull off a vintage glamour wedding, read on for some expert tips.


Consider focussing on an era


The term “vintage” is very wide. When it comes to choosing the style of your wedding gown, wedding invitations, favours, etc. this fact can make reaching a final decision rather tricky. Many brides who have chosen a vintage theme for their wedding, focus on a particular period to reduce these choices and to ensure consistency. From the classic 1920s to the retro 1950s, there is an era to suit all style preferences. If you require some help, have a look online, through magazines and in vintage decor and fashion stores for inspiration. Create a scrapbook of all your favorite images.


The gown


Most wedding dress designers are inspired by vintage styling and so will offer a range of appropriate dresses for you. The wedding dress shop assistant will be able to recommend a range of vintage style gowns. Look for dipped waistlines echoing 1920s fashion as well as lace, pearls and embellishment which always evoke thoughts and images of the past. Alternatively, shop around for authentic vintage wedding gowns. An excellent place to start is eBay, and good quality vintage clothing stores.


Makeup and hair


A classic vintage makeup look that you can rarely go wrong with is statement red lips. Wear this with cat eye black eyeliner and a clear complexion to complete the look. As for your hair, large curls, that can be achieved using rollers, will look stunning. Alternatively, pin up one side of your hair with an enchanting headpiece. Finish your look off with some vintage elegant jewelry.




Curious little antique decorations will look perfect at your vintage glamour wedding. Think shabby chic items. Birdcages filled with fairy lights, classic typewriters that can double up as a way for guests to leave well wishes and vintage glasses and crockery. Candles made in pretty teacups and saucers and old school sweet jars make perfect party favors. Choose your flowers carefully. If your vintage theme includes plenty of antique lace and pearls, pastel flowers will work best. Alternatively, if you are going for a boho 70s style, brighter, bolder blooms are more fitting.


Added extras


Those extra thoughtful touches can really enhance the glamour of your day. Research bands that specialize in music that is appropriate to the period you have chosen. Consider arriving at your wedding in a classic car. And, finally, echo your theme through the food and drink that you provide.


Vintage glamour is all about borrowing old styles and giving them a new lease of life. Follow these fashion and decoration tips for your wedding, and you and your guests will enjoy the memories of times gone by, while making exciting new ones.