The winter months are not synonymous with fashion trends. They are a time for focussing on keeping warm and fighting off the bugs that are always going around. People bowl out of their homes wrapped up in huge winter coats, braving the elements as they drift to the shops to top up on bread and milk.


It is rare to find people spending too much time outdoors during the winter. At least not any more time than they have to. If you do decide to venture outdoors and brave the cold, it is improbable that fashion will be in the forefront of your mind. It is much more probable you will be looking for warmth and comfort above all else.


Well, the good news is that it is possible for you to do both. Just by making a few basic fashion changes and minor attentions to detail you will notice a big difference. You can step out of the house feeling warm and snug whilst also looking like a million bucks at the same time. Here are some tips on just how you can do that.




Layers are great because they are necessary for the winter, but you can also use them to dress in a trendy and fashionable way too. It is more practical than carrying around a trendy accessory, and it doesn’t take any extra work or effort as you will be layering up anyway.


You should favour thick tights and undergarments. If you wear long warm tops that you can tuck in this will also help a lot. Men can layer up using linen shirts over t-shirts with jumpers over the top.


One of the great advantages of layering is that it means you will not have to wear a huge overcoat. These can be heavy and uncomfortable and can weigh you down a lot. They can also have a negative effect when you venture indoors out of the cold. You will be in danger of overheating quickly.


By layering, you will be able to get away with wearing a thinner overcoat that can be more fitted and will look much more trendy.


Experiment with colours


Everybody knows the importance of a warm winter coat and practical winter jacket during the cold season. Most winter clothing is dark in colour blacks, browns, greys, etc. Why not standout from the crowd by wearing some lighter colours? Try for a purple winter coat perhaps. Or some pink thermal tights. If you’re a man, you might consider trying out navy blues or reds.


Play around with the colours that you like and have a look at what is fashionable at the moment colour wise. You will be amazed at how a change of colour can transform an outfit or item of clothing.


Sturdy footwear


It is important to stay warm in the winter, but it’s also important to stay safe. This is where the idea of sensible footwear comes in. You will want to favour footwear that covers as much of your feet as possible whilst remaining fashionable.


A sturdy pair of boots will have this impact, and there are so many designs around that you should be spoilt for choice. Walking boots are another option. You can get ahold of designer brands of walking boots in a variety of colours and designs. These will help ensure you look trendy and fashionable as well as remaining safe and practical this winter.