The fashion trend for 2013 is undoubtedly one word – Neon. It’s impossible to miss the fluorescent-hued clothing, hats, and accessories. And this year they are absolutely bigger than ever. Colors like Hot Pink, Lemon Yellow, Safety Orange, and Lime Green shades seem to be everywhere this season, and not too worry if you are a bit intimidated, this trend can be a bit daunting to take on full force. That’s why we’re here to assist you in approaching this trend, and rocking it with pride. Whether you aim to start small, or replicate a glow-stick we’ve got your guide on how to wear neon this year.


Accessorize With Neon

Not ready to take on a neon wardrobe, then the easiest way to incorporate neon into your dress is through accessories. Items such as neon hats, belts, shoes, and handbags are simple inexpensive ways to add a splash of neon color to your ensamble. Begin with locating the neon color you like most, more importantly the one that is most flattering with your hair color and skin-tone. Choose your accessories wisely or even create your own hat. With the vibrancy of neon colors, your accessories will be best when they help tone down the look just a little bit. Neon hats seems to be very popular these days. Many girls are turning to neon hats as a means of adding that pop of color to their wardrobe.


Contrast The Neon Colors

The great thing about neon colors is that they all go together. So don’t be afraid to be bold! Go ahead, and mix the neon pink with neon yellow. Wearing neon presents a great opportunity to get creative with different neon color palates. Try opting for a layer in a funky fluorescent hue. This choice can look stylish, and add interest to an otherwise basic outfit. Whether you choose a bright yellow tank top under a beige blazer, or neon pink fishnet with a black tank, choosing one layer to be your key neon piece makes sporting this trend simpler than you think.


Try Wearing Neon As A Pattern

If all this talk about neon is intimidating you, then trying neon as a pattern can be far less intimidating. Heres why –  if it’s in a pattern instead of a solid, its perceived as less of  a fashion faux pas than wearing something too bright. So simply by opting for a piece in a neon-hued pattern can help keep your outfit from becoming a style slip-up. For instance, with some bold neon patterned socks, or perhaps a neon handbag.

Pick A Neon Color – Stick With It

If contrasting is not your style, try selecting a neon color and keep that theme for your entire outfit. Be ready to make a statement. Neon clothes are not for the person who wants to disappear in a crowd. For example. If you are have a more pale complexion, the neon yellow will help contrast your skin shade and give you a more tanned appearance. Creating this seemingly “monochromatic” neon look will give you personality and style. A neon identity if you will. While you may not feel comfortable wearing neon at the office, you might feel better about wearing something bold and bright at the beach. 


 Create Your Own Neon Style

The beauty of neon is self-expression. Neon is bold, bright, and beautiful so absolutely anything goes. So don’t be afraid to be your own trendsetter. Creating your own neon styles and accessories will only further advance you as a unique fashionista. There are plenty of sites online where you can design your own hat. So take advantage of these tools and create something perfect for your neon wardrobe. You’ll love the attention it will attract, and it will ultimately make you happy! Be fun, be bold, and be adventurous.