When it comes to sophisticated men’s wear, few options can rival the charms and style of linen shirts. In this article, we will be discussing on the different types of linen shirts that you can choose from.

Wish to beat the heat during the upcoming summer season? Donning linen shirts can be the ideal option. Made from the fibers of the flax plant, linen offers just the right mix of sophistication, comfort and truly impressive durability features. In this article, we will take a look at the different styles in which these classy apparels for men are available:

  • Half-sleeved shirts – These are the most common variety of linen shirts. Available in multiple solid colors, as well as checks and stripes, they are perfect to be worn at office and social gatherings alike.

  • Full-sleeved shirts – Universally accepted as the ideal formal wear for men. White linen shirts with full-sleeves enjoy maximum popularity. You will find full-sleeved shirts of many other light shades too. Team up your linen shirt with neatly pressed trousers, a sleek black belt, and a matching tie. You will look quite the corporate bigshot!

  • Camping shirts – If you thought that linen shirts were all about a formal flavor, these would come as a nice surprise for you. Made from linen blended with cotton, these shirts are available in multiple light and playful colors (for example, sea-blue, or bottle-green). You can wear them to a fun-filled family picnic, or pack them for a weekend holiday. Class and liveliness are exuded quite beautifully through this chic and fashionable shirts.

  • Camp collar shirts – Unlike most other varieties of linen shirts, these have two pockets. The collars are imaginatively designed, and the stitches on the side are accompanied by buttons too. What’s more, they are available in several alternative colors as well.

  • Shirts with contrast stitches – Find shirts of uniform shades and patterns to be just a little boring? Put on the contrast-styled linen shirts – and enjoy some appreciative gazes! These shirts have striking contrast designs in their sleeves, as well as near the hem. You can be a little imaginative, and choose denims and/or shoes that match with the contrasting colors. Linen shirts are never boring – and these bear testimony to that fact!

  • Breezer shirts – ‘Linen shirts with a hint of romance’ – that’s an apt way to describe these designer shirts for men. They are made from pure linen, and usually have cuffs of solid colors – which are different to the main body color of the shirts. Easy machine washability is yet another advantageous feature of these shirts. Wear a trendy breezer shirt on your first date – and impress your partner!

  • Guayabera shirts – Staying cool during a sweltering summer becomes as easy as never before with Guayabera linen shirts. They serve as nice casualwear, and can also be worn to semi-informal get-togethers. Bright colors, attractive designs and the sheer comfort levels – Guayabera shirts have everything to make you fall in love with them!

  • Dress shirts – A far cry from the traditional, run-of-the-mill shirts for men. Dress shirts, made of linen, can be your apparel of choice, while going out to attend a ‘happening’ function or social event.

Right from formal board meetings, to exciting, informal parties – linen shirts are suitable for practically all types of occasions. You only need to select the right type of these shirts, and choose the ideal accessories to go with them. Linen shirts will make you appear cool during this summer – and you will feel comfortable too!