When it comes to your wedding ring, you want something that isn’t just the same old thing as everyone else has–you want something that speaks to you and for you. While you may think that the only question you will have is what carat weight you need, you might actually want to look into different color, designs and even shapes.

Picking the Right Carat Weight

Even though it’s not the only question you need to ask, your first question should still be: what carat weight should I choose?

There are actually a couple different important factors that determine what carat weight is right for you. Those two things are the size of your finger and the size of your wallet. Half and full carat weights are going to cost a pretty penny, but diamonds below these marks can be easier to afford for someone with less money and you won’t necessarily be losing any size.

Picking the Right Color

Color options aren’t just about the color of the band, but also the color of the stone. Basic band choices are gold or silver. Since this is a ring you plan to wear for an eternity, be sure you pick a good gold carat ring or a high quality sterling silver. You want to make sure it lasts as long as your marriage does, and till death do us part could be a few decades. Your personal preference will be the biggest decision factor in this choice.

Let’s talk about diamond color. Not all diamonds are white. You can choose color enhanced diamonds that are irradiated. If a color diamond is what you fancy, your color options may be nearly limitless. These natural colored diamonds offer many hues and shades, including pink, blue, brown, yellow, orange, green and red.

Chocolate, or brown, diamonds have recently become very popular and make for a beautiful ring for someone who likes an earthy look. Pick your diamond color to go with your wardrobe, match your eyes or just because it’s your favorite color.

Picking the Right Design and Shape

Design and shape of your ring and diamonds go hand in hand. The design you want may determine the shape of the diamond you need to opt for. Do you want a single diamond, do you want it paired with other gemstones? These all help determine your overall ring design.

Then there is the shape of your diamond. Do you want it simply round, or the more popular princess cut, which is squared. Maybe you want something a little off-shaped, such as the pear or marquise. There are numerous choices for diamond shape and some shapes will look better in some ring designs than others.

You also want to make sure your ring design and diamond shape work with your finger and your hand. As long as it makes you happy, that’s what matters when it comes to picking your perfect diamond wedding ring.