Perfect Sports Bra by Balini SportsIn the past, women would sacrifice fashion for comfort as there had been no wide range of choices to unleash fashion in terms of sports bra and sportswear alternatives. And many would be deep within the dilemma until lately great fashion trends brought forth a series of style that doesn’t compromise fashion for the sake of comfort.

I am one of those women who wished to have alternatives over ultra comfortable sports get up and would rather have fashion and comfort into one great line that would really spotlight fitness in style.

And for women out there, you would have wanted to sweat it out in style, right? The key here in staying fabulous throughout your yoga session is choosing the right sports bra and the right yoga shorts. But then, another dilemma would come in, you would ask yourself, how do I choose the right and perfect sports bra for me?


Well for starters, you can follow these simple tips below; I always do this whenever I can’t decide.

  1. Know your body size. You know this can be the most basic out there, don’t choose something that is a size too small or a size larger. There can be the right size for you, and without you asking, these sports bra will do the highlighting for you if you want to look a little bit proportional for your body for women with bigger bust size or if you want it to be enhancing your size. No further questions.

  2. Tailor it to the sports you will be doing. So will you go for the run? In that case try for a firmer support but without sacrificing a sexy cleavage for the looks. For yoga, here can be a wide array of sports bra for you too.

  3. Know what style you want. You can choose to have halter tops or a tube top. What prints or color do you want? Will you want it sparkly, printed or plain? You can answer that and choose some tops yourself then. And try to pair them with a knock out yoga shorts or pants.

  4. Be sure it compliments you. It should compliment your size, fashion statement and the attitude you want to project. IT should also spell comfort as well.

  5. Check fabrics and durability. This is most often the issue in some sports bra. They don’t last long, shrinks after a few wash and fades right away. You should choose one which is shrink proof; fade proof, breathable and stretchable enough to accommodate your figure. Some yoga wears would claim that they are fitted for you but then after wearing, it felt otherwise.


So each of you has their own unique curves and that’s what you should watch out for when you choose the best sports bra. And never forget to inject that fashion style whenever you go and sweat it out.

So there you go, your simple guide in choosing the perfect sports top for you. Have a healing and fashionable yoga experience ladies!


About the Author:

Ada Hung started as an international marketing and public relations corporate dynamo in Asia. She found yoga after she felt something was missing in her busy life. She founded Balini Sports and now lives in Las Vegas. It offers sexy and comfortable sports wear and yoga wear.