Jewelry is indeed a girl’s best friend; this stunning piece of art can actually change the way she looks. It adds an aura to her persona. Matching jewelry with her attire, and she stands out in the crowd, she mesmerizes her loved ones everyday.

  • It has been never out of fashion

It doesn’t matter what the age of the collector is, designer necklace is a must in each and every jewelry box. From time immerorial, this piece carved out of metals or made of gems or for that matter a simple thread or whatever it may be have had always added to the appearance of the lady, to her glamour quotient and of course have helped her in grabbing eyeballs and in making a unique style statement.


  • The art has been through major and subtle changes

The art of jewelry making have witnessed tremendous changes. To stay relevant the jewelery designers had to quickly change their designs, the metals they use, the technique of production and almost everything that is associated with the art of jewelry making. Today, silver has turned out to be the hot favorite metal of the fairer sex. Be it a funky neckpiece, be it a regular wear to the office, or be it the wedding reception – silver jewelry is the in thing these days.

  • Silver necklace: The trend of the time

Different jewelry makers have had picked up the trend fast enough. So now, silver necklaces are available in so many different varities; you can pick the shape and even the color that you’d love to wear.  You want silver combined with other metal you get it, you want a gem studded onto it you get it, you want peppy pendants you get it. With no dearth of choice, it is time that you pep up your jewelry closet with unique collection of silver necklaces, a suitable one for every possible occasion. When matched with your attires, a piece of silver around your neck has all the potentials to make you look gorgeous.

And for those who are in love with the color of the yellow metal, silver jewelry is available in your favorite golden color. It is an inexpensive option when compared with the real gold and at the same time the bright shine is there. Because, it is an economic option silver jewelry can be one of the best gifts for your loved ones. For the men in town, you have the option of gifting madam a silver name necklace; it will impress her and make her blush.


  • Maintenance a little difficult but no major challenge

Silver tarnishes and that’s a fact. Chemical reaction with moisture present in the air leaves black, dark blue or purple stains on the jewelry. But this can be prevented; all you need to do some occassional cleaning and store each piece of jewelry in zip locked poly bags. Place some silica gel bags in the box to remove moisture from the air.

Given the socio economic conditions around, the soaring prices of the yellow metal and of course going by the latest trends in the world of fashion, it can be said, a silver name necklaces and a silver necklace for that matter jewelry in general is there to stay, at least for some time and it is not just a fad.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is a fashion and jewelry industry blogger. She regularly contributes to leading jewelry sites like