When we are younger, our skin is firmer, suppler, and has that bright, youthful glow. But as we get older, our skin can begin to lose some of its elasticity and firmness, and we can develop dark spots as well as deal with the more apparent onset of wrinkles, fine lines, and crow’s feet. These things often happen due to environmental exposure and exposure to pollutants and other irritants, and our skin naturally produces less collagen and other compounds as well. But older skin need not be dull and lacklustre – we can still have better skin as we age, thanks to antioxidants, which are now found in more skincare products for older skin. But why should you opt for antioxidant-rich products for your skin? Here are the best and most popular benefits of using antioxidants for older skin.

  • Correct the visible signs of ageing

Antioxidants are ideal for treating the visible signs of ageing, and here’s why. Oxidative stress can break down the skin’s collagen and hinder the skin’s normal and natural process of repair. Additionally, oxidative stress can trigger inflammation, and this is when you will notice more fine lines and wrinkles, breakouts of acne, skin blotches, and loose skin. Since antioxidants are great when it comes to the scavenging of free radicals, they can help correct signs of ageing and help make your skin look younger.

  • Help with skin healing and repair

When you have skin that’s inflamed, the inflammation can prevent the skin from rejuvenating properly. Since antioxidants can help reduce inflammation, the skin can now properly heal and repair itself as well as correct damage. Certain antioxidants like vitamin C can also stimulate the body’s collagen production, and this is definitely essential for more youthful-looking skin. There is now a plethora of products that make use of vitamin C and other invaluable antioxidants, such as the SkinCeuticals products from www.totalbodycare.co.uk.

  • Make the skin appear brighter and more evenly-toned

Frequent or regular exposure to the sun, as well as exposure to free radicals, can take their toll on our skin, and this can also trigger various changes in the skin’s production of melanin. This can result in dark spots and a skin tone that’s uneven. But since antioxidants can decrease photodamage, this helps prevent darkened pigmentation and uneven skin tones. There are antioxidants, such as the abovementioned vitamin C, that can also inhibit the function of a tyrosinase – a special enzyme which can stimulate the production of melanin.

  • Prevent – and treat – sunburn

All the known antioxidants have properties that can reduce inflammation, and they can inhibit the skin’s response to inflammation caused by exposure to the rays of the sun. This can then help prevent and treat sunburn, and it also provides better protection from photo ageing and sun damage.

  • Potentially help avoid skin cancer

There are also some particular antioxidants, such as vitamin C (as already mentioned – which only proves how powerful it really is), and vitamin E and A that are equipped with properties that make them anti-carcinogenic, and this may potentially help you avoid conditions such as skin cancer.

If you want to get the fullest and most complete benefits of antioxidants for your skin, choose products with vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A (or its derivative, retinol), resveratrol, coenzymeQ10, and niacinamide.

Image attributed to Pixabay.com