Women can be a bit crazy about facial hair grooming, and today’s woman wants a man whose eyebrows are as sexy as the rest of him. Big, bushy brows that resemble centipedes jut won’t do, so here are some tips to get you ready for date night without spending hours locked in your bathroom.

The first step is to use an eyebrow comb to brush the hairs of your eyebrows up. The will make them stand up so they are easier to trim. This also makes the hairs that need trimmed easier to spot so you don’t pull out too many and end up looking like you had a lab accident involving fire.

Lay a pair of eyebrow scissors against your forehead just above the brow and trim any of the combed hairs that are sticking out above the others. Once you’ve done this, the real fun begins. You’ll now use a pair of high-quality tweezers to pluck any stray hairs underneath your eyebrow. Have a unibrow? You’ll be plucking those h Bert airs out one at a time, too. (If you don’t know what a unibrow is, please take a look at Bert from Sesame Street. You’ll figure it out.)

I won’t lie: plucking out your eyebrow hairs can make you wince and may even bring a manly tear to your eye. It’ll all be worth it, though, when the ladies are swooning. When you do submit to this necessary self-mutilation, use quality scissors and tweezers rather than just digging for a rusty pair in the bathroom drawer. The right tools really will make the job easier. Also avoid over plucking and don’t worry too much about shaping your brows. This will happen naturally when you follow these directions, so don’t try making arches or other shapes. This practice ends up misshaping your eyebrows and leaves you constantly looking surprised until the hair grows back in.

Always tweeze and never wax your eyebrows as waxing risks removing too much hair and it is always obvious that it’s been done. The goal is to look effortlessly sexy, never admitting how long it took to achieve brow perfection. Remember to trim about once a month to keep things looking tidy and note that thick eyebrows are acceptable. If you notice your forehead shining, pick up some matting gel at the drugstore. Many brands are available in discreet black bottles and they’re perfect for eliminating the shiny skin that might give your manscaping away when you go out with the guys

The most important eyebrow trimming tip is to have patience. It can be difficult to get your brows just right if you’re new to trimming them, so don’t be too hard on yourself. As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Keep trying until you get it right and eventually it will feel as natural as shaving.