There are plenty of myths that are swirling around the weight loss industry – many of which are bordering on the unbelievable. One comment which a lot of people immediately dismiss is that genetics doesn’t play a role in obesity – it’s all down to the choices that humans make.

While the above would certainly make for a lot fairer playing field, it’s actually not true. It might sound ridiculous, it might sound like a myth, but genetics well and truly can play a part in whether or not a person is obese.

It means that ultimately, losing weight is incredibly difficult for some people, whilst very easy for the others. For those that fall in the former category, it’s meant that bariatric procedures have become more popular than ever before.

However, can you really determine just why you are overweight, or put weight on more easily than others? While there most certainly isn’t an exact scientific formula, if you study your lifestyle you might find that genetics plays a bigger, or smaller role, than you may have first imagined.

How long have you been overweight?

This is a really good indication on whether or not genetics play a large role in your weight.

If you have been overweight since birth, or since a very young age to be precise, it stands to reason that there is an increased chance that genes could be partly to thank for this.

If on the other hand you may have suddenly put on weight at a certain period of your life, there could be other reasons. For example, if you started an office job in your mid-20s and your weight increased – it’s safe to say that this is due to your more sedentary lifestyle.

Does obesity run in the family?

Again, you should be able to get where we’re going with this next question.

If your parents, or anyone who is closely related by blood, happen to be overweight, it unfortunately means that you also have more chance of it.

In fact, to put numbers on it, you have up to 80% more chance of developing obesity. This in itself should point out exactly how much genetics plays a part in your weight.

What effect does diet and exercise have on your weight?

This is a question you’ve got to answer truthfully. A lot of people may feel as though they have participated in plenty of exercise, and put themselves on a strict diet, but the proof is in the calories burned versus calories consumed calculation. If you can work this out honestly, and you still haven’t lost weight, it stands to reason that there could be something else stood in the way of your breakthrough. Unfortunately, it could be genetics again.

How does your weight react when you go on vacation?

This is a really easy test to put on yourself. Most people will relax their diet when they go on vacation – they will accept that this is the time to lower their guard and just have fun.

If you happen to put on any weight that you may have lost during this period, it’s safe to say that your weight probably isn’t influenced as much by genes. Instead, it will be more controlled by your eating habits and choices.