A caveman. Hairy in appearance. Bearded with a mass of chest hair. His manner? Strong and forceful, with plenty of aggression bubbling not too far away from the surface. His hobbies include hunting, killing and eating. Probably in that order as it is the most practical.

A caveman had no interest in managing his appearance or cultivating his softer side.

Fast forward to the present day and things have changed. To be dubbed a ‘caveman’ is a somewhat derogatory term used to insult an unkempt, slovenly male who refuses to apologise for his unrelenting flatulence. So what should the modern man actually be?

If designer Tom Ford had his way he knows exactly how he would style the modern man. You see times have changed. A caveman’s natural huskiness is no longer attractive in great quantities.

The world has developed, bringing with it a host of new expectations and social norms. The modern man is well equipped to deal with whatever life throws at him in the 21st century.

So the rules go like this.

  1. Grooming has its place in society

In today’s modern world appearance matters. We’re not talking clothes just yet- we’re talking about your body. Beards have enjoyed a revival of late. However, it must be noted that the best designer beards are expertly maintained. If you choose to host a beard make sure you invest in a high quality razor. Only ‘designer’ stubble will do.

Skin. The modern man has soft, smooth skin that is consistently moisturised. A splash of water on your face is not even considered to be adequate in today’s society. Tom Ford’s grooming kit includes a Men Brow Gelcomb along with Shave Oil and Exfoliator, these are only recent additions to his bathroom cabinet. The everyday man would be advised to follow Ford’s lead. But do realise there is a difference between well-groomed and over-preened.

  1. Clothes do matter

It takes exactly seven seconds to make an impression. Unfortunately, fickle or not, most people will judge you on your appearance. To get ahead in the world you need to dress the part. The modern man thinks more of himself than a couple of lumberjack shirts and a collection of essential V-neck t-shirts. A man’s wardrobe should include at least one blazer, for those times when the casual look just doesn’t say enough. Invest in a pair of jeans. A pair that fit. The view that you typically see in a builder’s yard shouldn’t be common practise. A good suit is also a must- matching jacket and trousers. The modern man should also have access to a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses. It adds elegance to any look. A good wardrobe doesn’t need to be extensive. It just needs to be sustainable and well thought out.

  1. It’s your manner that can cost you everything

No matter how much money a man spends on his Tom Ford Sunglasses, the manner in which he conducts himself will always matter the most. Arrogance and bolshiness does not make a man big or clever. A modern man can be patient even when his patience is tested. He’s kind, even when his kindness is in short supply. A 21st century man conducts himself with an emotional maturity and is confident in his own skin.

  1. If you want something, work for it

A modern man makes his own way in life. He doesn’t take handouts and he never gives up. A modern man won’t rely on someone else to make his dreams a reality. He has grit and determination and understands that career goals are achieved through perseverance. A 21st century man can assert himself whilst maintaining good relations with those around him.

  1. The everyday educates the mind

You never have ‘time off.’ Only time on. It’s important that the modern man doesn’t close his mind to new things. He stays active most of the time. He can discuss novels and newspaper articles. He understands and challenges the dark complexities of the world. He teaches his body to push its limits. For a modern man, education never stops. He learn about new cultures, embraces new cuisines and explore new places. The 21st century man is open, free and safe from prejudice.

Owning a pair of Tom Ford Sunglasses, a smart suit and a man bag doesn’t make you a modern gentleman. This designer label is more than just a fashion brand. It’s a style guide.