Huishan Zhang’s young, chic, sexy brand was founded straight after he left university and in it he channeled a desire to bring something unique to the world of fashion and to leave an original imprint on fashion for decades to come. Hailing from the Chinese city of Qingdao, Huishan Zhang has indeed brought something very unique to the catwalk – a unique marriage of the traditional and modern, imbibed with hints of Western and Chinese fashion tenets. Much of his Western style inspiration has been drawn from hands-on experience working for Dior and this is something that has allowed Huishan Zhang a wealth of inspiration about how to make Chinese traditional dress more modern and appealing across ethnicities. Huishan Zhang also draws inspiration from modern cultures, the world of art and modern designers, and has sought to channel modern elements of each within the Huishan Zhang brand.

2013 summer style

With just two collections launched as of early 2013, Huishan Zhang has brought fresh direction to Chinese traditional style, preserving the imposing width, flow and bold colours of the Chinese tradition while adding floaty, sexy translucent silhouettes and hemlines to create sexy dresses and original fashion with international appeal.

To create his unique fashion style Huishan Zhang has utilised the peplum style, see-through materials, two-tiered styles, bold zips and both short and lengthy hemlines. The 2012 collection is dominated by simple, elegant whites and blacks with a variety of materials to showcase the original mixture of Chinese and Western style. Notably, Huishan Zhang has created dresses with imposing width, redolent of the traditional Chinese style, while making the style lighter, more delicate and understated. Consistently Huishan Zhang has also added sex appeal, where traditional Chinese style has underplayed it, allowing the wearer to reveal more of their body in clothes that are both delicately light and alluringly sexy. Huishan Zhang’s latest collection achieves this by revealing much of the wearer’s leg and shoulder and allowing glimpses of the body through translucent, floaty material.

When asked what features of style were most important to him Huishan Zhang answered that he wanted his clothes to embody confidence, femininity, culture and elegance. This alchemy has been notably conveyed in the fitted cheongsam dress, which is a recurring theme for Huishan Zhang. Collection to collection, he has used this style as a vehicle to express his conception of how Western meets Chinese traditional style, while ensuring that he remains true to his desire to create sexy, light and chic styles.

Huishan Zhang’s collections have also focused on changing traditional Chinese styles into styles that are more adaptable and suitable for a wider variety of individuals. This is another way in which Huishan Zhang has brought Western and Chinese styles together, since the Huishan Zhang brand isn’t just about style, but also focuses on the feelings that wearing Huishan Zhang creations creates, the practicality of wearing the style created, the versatility of the creation from season to season. In achieving this Huishan Zhang has captured his fashion audience not just from the point of view of fashion, but in a variety of innovative ways which ensure a wide, international appeal for his creations.

The verdict on the Huishan Zhang brand then? The Huishan Zhang brand is firmly established in Western society, and has successfully combined versatility and sex appeal in one! It has achieved something that is wholly original in mixing Chinese traditional styles with Western designer influences; a sexy collection of light, delicate materials that envelope the wearer in feelings of sensuality with several distinct cultural themes explored simultaneously. The resulting alchemy is fresh, chic and exquisite and is sure to captivate fashionistas everywhere!

This blog post was written by Lucy Blundell, a fashion blogger who loves writing about the latest brands such as Huishan Zhang.