Throughout our lives, we plan ahead for the future in all sorts of ways. From putting aside money for the next holiday to making sure there’s enough savings in your child’s education fund, you try to be prepared for the future. It’s a smart way to be. But when it comes to your own funeral, are you prepared? Don’t let the planning and financing of your funeral be the only thing you leave up to fate. Invest in a final needs plan.

When you invest in a final needs plan, you have the peace of mindin knowing your funeral will be properly prepared for in every way. You’ll meet with an advisor to help you consider some of the expenses your funeral will incur, and together you’ll devise a budget to cover all of the costs. By committing to a monthly contribution you can set aside an amount small enough that it won’t burden your current budget but, after decades of collecting, large enough to cover your funeral, memorial service, monument, and plot. With this set aside each month, you won’t be forcing your loved ones to pay for a funeral they can’t afford.

Pre-planning advisors will explain that your plan will also cover lesser-known services in regards to your death, including body transport. If you die abroad, whether in a city across the country or across the world, your plan will cover the cost of transporting the body legally across borders. Your family won’t have to read through legalese, as a representative will complete the necessary paperwork to transport the body.

Your plan will also ensure that a representative will be responsible for filling out necessary documents. In order to notify the government of your death, a certificate must be issued and paperwork has to be filed. Without experienced doing this, your family can find it difficult to fill out all of the necessary forms, feeling anxious about the quality of their work and whether or not they filled out the right ones. A representative will take away the stress of completing this documentation and ensure that all of the required paperwork is filed properly.

Without planning for your funeral, you’ll only leave behind your loved financial burdens and anxiety regarding your service. In order cut down on the emotional toll of your death and support your family even after life, contact a final needs plan provider that you can trust. The Elephas Group is a provider that you can depend upon to create a manageable final needs plan. Pre-planning with one of their representatives is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

So just like your pension plans and your medical benefits, invest a little bit of thought and money into a final needs plan. It’s preparing for the future now that will save your family from financial and emotional harm later.Helping your loved ones avoid this stress at such a grieving time will be one of the best gifts you can leave your family.